Send bundles to BuildAI

Sender Reward

When a new bundle is sent to us, our BuildAI algorithm will try to make a trade after the bundle, and 50% of the generated profit will be rewarded back to bundle sender.

Reward examples:

Our algorithm only trades after the bundle, and no frontrunning trade will be attempted.

Flashbots users

Users can send Flashbots bundles directly to our relay endpoint at For the specification of the bundle format see the Flashbots rpc docs.

Currently we only support eth_sendBundle method with all standard parameters. And Flashbots signature header is not required.

BloXroute users

bloXroute users can also send bundles to us indirectly by setting the mev_builders parameter in bundle submission. Please check bloXroute docs for more details.


Our on-chain fee receipient is 0xbd3Afb0bB76683eCb4225F9DBc91f998713C3b01.


We do not use bundles for anything other than building mev-boost blocks.